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Interior Design Tips by Marilo Collins – Designer Furniture Brisbane

Interior Design Tips by Marilo Collins

As a leading provider of designer furniture Brisbane, Vogelhaus aims to make decorating your home an easy task.

With that thought in mind, we have invited some of Brisbane’s best interior designers to share their top furniture picks and styling advice to help bring your home to life.

Our next guest is Marilo Collins of Collins Interiors. She shares her three favourite furniture and styling pieces and explains why they would work perfectly in your home.

Stylish Room Accessory: SATARA LUCAS ROUND BASKETS made from water Hyacinth

They are made from natural fibres using traditional weaving and are available in charcoal and natural tones.

What I like about this product is that it is great for storage for items such as pillows, throws, children’s toys and  they are also perfect for displaying indoor plants.

I love having indoor plants in the home, and I always add them to my projects.  Displaying them in these big round baskets adds a beautiful decorative touch.

You can’t go wrong with these baskets, they are a natural fibre, with lots of texture.

These baskets are part of the Satara range, who have partnered with to offer the only Satara Showroom in Queensland.


If using for plants, do not forget to add a saucer inside the basket and place it under your pot to catch any water when watering your plant. This will save the water making a mess and spilling over into your basket and onto your floor.  Also, if the plant is sitting too low, you can place something under it to bring the height up.


It features a stunning Carerra Marble top, copper plated brackets and oak legs. This table seats 6 – 8 people, but is also available in a 4-5 seater (120cm).

I love round tables for the family dining room, as it creates flow in your home.  It is designed to promote easy-flow conversations because everyone is able to clearly see and chat with their fellow diners.  Because there are no corners, a round dining table generally has a smaller footprint then a square or rectangle making it suitable for smaller spaces.  They also tend to fit more people around when you have additional guests.

I also love that there is two ways you can style this piece, you can go very formal with upholstered dark velvet fabric chairs or go casual dining chairs for everyday living.

This table is very much on trend. The crisp clean, natural finish of the marble and its exquisite pattern formations provide a visual interest to your home so, this table will never lose its popularity.  It will always be in your home for years to come.


  • A measuring tape is your best friend when deciding on the shape and size of a dining table. Get precise measurements of your space and mark up all the important features like doors and windows, cupboards, furniture and power points.
  • If you’re not great at reading a plan, use some butchers paper or masking tape on the ground to map out the dining table shape and ensure you can move around it.
  • When measuring out your dining table size, allow about 60cm of free space behind each chair so you can pull it out enough to sit down. If you’re using existing chairs, make sure you measure the chairs to ensure they will fit before you go table shopping. Allow about 20cm from the chair to the top of the table to ensure you can sit comfortably and if you like to cross your legs, best to allow 30cm. 

Come in store to view this table, and the rest of the Satara Showroom at Vogelhaus.

Relax in comfort: CAPETOWN ARMCHAIR

Rattan in the home is a favourite of mine and this occasional chair is no exception. It is glamorous as it is bohemian and can do all or both when used to accent spaces in your home.  This design is clean and contemporary and is especially a good choice for those who struggle with clutter.

The best thing about this Rattan armchair is it can be used anywhere – inside a living room, bedroom or outside under a covered area, by adding a decorative cushion and throw, you can change the whole look.

Rattan furniture is timeless and it’s been around for years so with this piece you cannot go wrong, especially with its simplicity.


Maintaining Rattan furniture is very simple. Remember to regularly dust them using a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth and I always recommend my clients apply a fabric stain protection like MicroSeal. You need to have this applied professionally to protect your furniture from permanent stains, mould and sun fade protection.

What’s the biggest mistake someone can make when styling their own home?

Furniture placement: pushing furniture up against all the walls of a room makes it look smaller rather than larger.  Give the room breathing space by pulling the furniture away from the walls.  By planning your living room around the scale of the room, conversation nooks and traffic flow, everything will feel harmonious.

Lack of Greenery – places without greenery can feel sterile as they lack ‘proof-of-life’. Greenery adds so much style to any space, and it’s a big mistake not using it, especially in sterile spaces like bathrooms.

Interior Designer Profile – About Marilo Collins

Marilo has been in business since 2014, based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. Collins Interiors provide a full range of services which varies from project to project and are customised to suit both client and project needs.

She loves residential decoration, because of the opportunity it provides to work closely with clients at the beginning of each project to get a good feel of functionality on how they want to use their space.

“I transform their space, keeping their personality,” Marilo says. “It should flow, be beautiful and a true reflection of their needs, for them and their family for years to come.”

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