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5 Tips for Furnishing your Newly Built or Renovated Home

Congratulations on building your dream home or completing that long-awaited renovation!

What an exciting time, one that can also be daunting when the build is done and it’s time to ramp up your styling efforts to create a haven you love spending time in.

To help, Vogelhaus has shared 5 furnishing tips for your new or renovated home.

Plus with a gorgeous array of modern, classic and Hamptons furniture pieces along with lighting, mirrors and other styling essentials available in-store – you’ll find those one-of-a-kind pieces in our Kedron showroom, or we can put together an entire package. Visit us at 311 -319 Gympie Road.

We have plenty of clients who visit us in-store as they get set to embark on creating a new space that reflects their personality and fits their lifestyle and family needs.

No doubt you’ve spent a lot of time planning the perfect design or layout of your new home or renovated spaces – and now choosing the right furniture and styling can make or break your vision.

So, here are our five top furnishing tips:


5 Tips for Furnishing your Newly Built or Renovated Home

1. Let go of the old

Firstly, when moving into your new space, it’s easy to be tempted to bring all your old furniture with you, but you need to resist.

If you’ve built a bigger lounge room because the old one was small and cramped, keeping the same sofa won’t make it feel any bigger.

Thank your old furniture for the good memories they gave you and let them go.

PLUS if you sell your old furniture you’ll be able to add to your budget for new pieces!

2. Select a colour palette

An easy way to ensure your space is tied together is the colour palette. To avoid a disjointed or clashing space, select 2-3 colours that you’ll use throughout your home.

These colours don’t need to be an exact shade, as this can make your space look matchy-matchy.

As you can see in the example image below, we used black, white and shades of blue, to create an interesting and cohesive space, that isn’t overwhelming.

3. Invest in key pieces

You may have heard this advice from your Grandmother “invest in anything that will go between you and the floor”. Whether it’s rugs, sofas or chairs, this advice is key, these items will be used most frequently and it’s important to buy quality that will stand the test of time.

You don’t want to be frustrated by furniture that is poorly constructed, so this advice should also extend to things you’ll use every day such as dining tables or storage.

We recommend prioritizing:

  • Dining sets
  • Sofas / Occasional Chairs
  • Side boards
  • Bookcases


4. Measure twice, buy/cut once

It’s true for the carpenters building your new space and it’s true for you when buying furniture.

You don’t want to have a new piece of furniture arrive and discover that you can’t fit it through the door, or that it’s too small for the space!

Here’s a few things you can use to check the piece will fit in your space:

  • House plans
  • Tape measure
  • Free floor plan/3D interior app to test it out

PLUS it’s a good idea to check that you’ll be able to move around your furniture comfortably, not just that it will fit. Tape out on the floor where it’ll go, and try walking around the shape to see if you’ll have enough room.


5. Buy what you love

If you really love a piece GET IT!

Your home should be your retreat from the world, and a reflection of who you are. You don’t want to look back years later and regret not buying that special item you fell in love with.

In addition, following this advice will ensure that you home is unique to you and doesn’t look like it came out of a catalogue.


Tips for your Newly Built or Renovated Home

If you’re looking for help furnishing or styling your newly built or renovated home, Vogelhaus is the store for you! With customisable furniture packages and a wide range of designer pieces, you’ll definately find something to satisfy.

We’re open 7 days a week so call us on 07 3359 3952 or drop instore at 319 Gympie Road, Kedron.


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